PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                 Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Australia’s first authentic Montessori Jewish Kindergarten to open at Brisbane’s Sinai College in 2017

 Brisbane’s only Jewish Day School, Sinai College in Burbank, is proud to announce that it will be opening the very first authentic Montessori Jewish Early Learning Centre in 2017.

The inclusive kindergarten will welcome children from any cultural background aged three to 5 and will be the only genuine Montessori preschool in Brisbane’s southeast.

Several families have already enrolled at Sinai Montessori, which will also provide a high quality before and after school care for all students.

Sinai Montessori will be located in the beautiful and spacious grounds of Sinai College, which are being completely renovated to offer an integrated, sensorial Montessori method indoor and outdoor learning experience.

Sinai College is Queensland’s only Jewish Day School and has students from all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Sinai Montessori will include weekly Jewish cultural learning, holiday celebrations and integrate with Sinai College and the broader Jewish community.

“We’re limiting Sinai Montessori to just 20 children in 2017 so that each child has a tailored, incredibly rich and nurturing early learning environment,” said Principal Megan Moore, who returned to Brisbane in 2016 to head both Sinai College and the Montessori after many years leading a prestigious Montessori and inquiry-based independent school in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Ms Moore was excited to be able to bring her international experience with inquiry-based, child-centred learning to Brisbane and said a boutique school like Sinai College was the perfect community to introduce these very effective education methodologies.

“We all understand that the world is changing rapidly and in ways that we probably cannot imagine today. So our role as educators is to prepare our children to be great problem solvers and be able to handle all of life’s future challenges with confidence and joy,” she said when discussing why a Montessori Preschool with an inquiry-based primary-age model provided a balance of structure, security and flexibility for every student.

Parent of two and Board chair, Ms Monica Rabotnicoff, said the School Board had spent some time researching the best curriculum and teaching methods for the preschool. She said that Judaism is a child-centered tradition so the values and culture fit perfectly with the Montessori philosophy.

“We’ve had a childcare centre and a traditional preschool before on-site but we knew we needed to take the time-to find what will be best for children and Sinai long-term,” Ms Rabotnicoff said.

While Sinai Montessori will be the first Jewish Montessori in Australia the Montessori method is over 100 years old and there are nearly 50 accredited Montessori Jewish schools in America. Montessori is growing in Australia, and internationally, with schools in USA, India, South East Asia, China and Europe.

Sinai Montessori will offer an authentic Montessori curriculum approved by Education Queensland and incorporating: Practical Life (everyday living skills), Sensorial (learning through the senses), Language and Mathematics. The fifth curriculum area is Culture. Students will also have specialist sports and music education and swimming lessons and tennis on-site.

The Jewish Cultural and Hebrew Language program is optional for non-Jewish students and all cultures and traditions will be embraced and honoured as part of Sinai Montessori. All children will be prepared to smoothly transition to prep.

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