Nurtured Heart Approach

Sinai College focuses on quality relationships within our school and uses the “Nurtured Heart Approach” to support this aim. This approach was developed by Howard Glasser. Over the last 20 years users of the approach found that all children (and also adults) flourished and began to build and demonstrate what the approach calls inner wealth. Quality relationships are the key foundation for enabling people to build inner wealth.

The approach calls for ‘upside down’ energy. Often when things go wrong or rules are broken we can unintentionally put a lot of energy into negative consequences. This approach asks us to de-energise the negative. Nurtured Heart asks us to put our energy into what is going right in the moment. Children learn what is expected of them by having their successes reflected back to them using what the approach calls ‘active recognitions’.

Children are assisted to ‘reset’ and rejoin groups when a rule is broken. The approach is designed to allow children the chance to self-regulate. The approach recognises the unique greatness of each person and a student’s ability to make the right choice.