Dvorah Jaffe

Dvorah Jaffe


Dvorah Jaffe was born and raised in London, UK.

Following her completion of high school, she studied in Israel, where she received her Teachers Certificate for the Diaspora from the Misrad Hachinuch – Israel Ministry for Education.

Dvorah continued her educational studies in New York, while teaching at Beth Rivkah School in Brooklyn, where she received her Advanced Jewish Learning Diploma from the Associated Beth Rivkah Schools.

Dvorah commenced teaching at Sinai College in 1995, where she has continued to teach, with various intervals due to raising her family of eight children.

Dvorah has developed a great passion for teachings Jewish history and traditions. She is a great believer in experiential education, tapping into the individual interests and learning styles of each student. Her aim is to bring Judaism alive in the classroom, so that her students will be instilled with a life-long love and appreciation of the depth, richness and beauty that Judaism has to offer.