William Hunter

Teacher: YEAR 4,5 and 6

William teaches Years 4, 5, and 6. He believes school should be fun, and that children should enjoy themselves throughout the day (even during a grammar lesson on subjects and verbs of sentences).  He not only values literacy, numeracy, and science, but also humour, honesty, and kindness. He strives to make each day educationally worthwhile and socially valuable. He wants children in his class to write clearly, to know their number facts and enjoy maths, and to feel good about themselves, as learners and members of an educational community.

William began teaching in 1983 and, over the next eighteen years, taught in four different Queensland schools, including a multi-age one teacher school in north-west Queensland where he was teacher, principal, and bus driver! For the last seventeen years he has taught senior humanities and middle school English at an independent P-12 school. While maths and science were his majors in his undergraduate studies, he developed a strong interest in writing during his postgraduate studies. For him writing is a science as much as an art, and so he believes all children can write clearly and coherently if they are shown how. His writing interest flows over to stories, their structure, devices, and composition. His Sinai class enjoys planning, drafting, writing and dramatising stories they write together.

William is very happy to be teaching at Sinai College.