Vision, Mission & Ethos

Our Vision

At Sinai College, we aim to teach our students to become lifelong learners inspired by a love of learning through a comprehensive program of secular and Judaic studies which places a priority on creative thought and expression and to understand and appreciate the wisdom, spiritual depth, ethical guidance and practical application of Judaism.

Our Mission Statement

Sinai College is an independent, Jewish day school, welcoming all students and their families from Prep to Year 6. Through a program that balances and integrates both the secular and Judaic activities as well as the curricular and non-curricular activities, students are encouraged to develop spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially,
emotionally and physically. The School is dedicated to creating a caring environment in which students can grow to their fullest potential and strive for academic excellence, to become valued members of the Jewish and the wider Australian community.


Our Core Values

  • Kavod – כבוד – Respect
  • Yoshrah – יושרה – Integrity
  • Chesed – חסד – Lovingkindness
  • Oz – עוז – Resilience and Strength

Our Ethos

Sinai College is a Jewish community school where we nurture community engagement and lifelong spiritual and educational growth. We are committed to teaching our children respect (Kavod), kindness (Chessed), resilience (Oz) and integrity (Yoshrah), empowering them to take ownership of their Jewish identity. We do so through respect to the diverse religious and cultural heritage based on Torah, Mitzvot and Jewish ethics.

Our Values

  • Shayachut – שייכות – Belonging
  • K’hilah -קהילה – Community
  • L’midah – למידה – Learning
  • M’tzuyanut – מצויינות – Excellence
  • Derech Eretz – דרך ארץ – Respect, Courtesy, Politeness, Compassion.