Teaching and Learning

21st Century learners are required to be technologically literate, communicators, critical thinkers and responsive to multi-modal forms. At Sinai College our educators understand these needs and design pedagogical opportunities to foster new practices in learning.

Classroom spaces are organised to allow individual and group learning experiences so students may switch between collaboration and independent learning modes. Access to technology, including IPADS, computers and laptops are available to all students attending the College.

Understanding that today’s classroom can go beyond the four walls we provide students safe and supported opportunities to reach out to the world and become part of a global community. Flipped classrooms and online learning are just a few ways we optimise learning and support creativity and innovation within the curriculum.

Music is an integral part of the Sinai experience.  As well as the cultural importance of musical experiences for our students, recent neuroscience research suggests music stimulates different areas of the brain including activating areas associated with emotions, movement and memory.  Students at Sinai participate in the choir on a weekly basis.

Tennis lessons are available for a small charge with a specialist coach at the College.  Lessons occur during lunch times and all students are welcome to become involved.  The school has two tennis courts which are available for all students to play on.

Sinai College by its very nature is an ideal placement for those students who love to engage with the natural environment. The school is a haven for wallabies, possums, and koalas. The multitude of bird life uses the school grounds as a corridor to access the east coast wetlands. Students are encouraged through creative and flexible teaching approaches to foster the close relationship with the natural environment. This is education of the environment, for the environment, in the environment.

Our health and physical education program is embedded in our daily practice. We participate in inter-school Athletics Carnivals and Swimming Carnivals on an annual basis where applicable.

All Sinai College students participate in swimming lessons in Term 1 and 4. We are lucky to have an on-site pool where students enjoy lessons delivered by a qualified swim instructor.

Excursions provide a valuable educational experience for pupils in that they broaden children’s outlook and also enhance their life skills. Through excursions, we aim to:

  • enhance children’s learning through the provision of real or first-hand experiences.
  • increase knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the local area and other areas that are different in nature and environment to our own.
  • further develop skills in observation, recording and reporting; and
  • assist in the development of confidence, independence, sense of adventure, sense of responsibility particularly toward their own safety and the safety of others.