School Board

The School Board is the governing body of Sinai College. The Principal is responsible for the implementation of educational philosophy and policy as discussed and approved by the board. The Board has overall responsibility for policy and effective management of all aspects of the School, including careful financial and strategic planning. Many of those who serve on the School Board are parents, as well as professional business people who invest much of their personal time in the welfare of the School.

School board members also lead various sub-committees made up of interested parents and community members with specific areas of expertise. The group of current sub-committees includes Marketing, Finance and Security among others.    

The School Board encourages anyone who is interested in being part of a sub-committee to email the Sinai College Administration Officer on

Our next AGM will be held on the 24th May 2020.

Sinai College Board Members

  • Mr Eliyahu (Eli) Saranga – President
  • Mrs Melissa-Jo Wides – Vice-President
  • Mr Cesar (Mauricio) Delgado Moreno – Board Member
  • Mrs Maria (Andrea) Florez Ortego – Board Member
  • Mr Morgan Belcher – Treasurer
  • Mrs Sivan Harpaz – Board Member
  • Mr Richard Pearce – Board Member
  • Mr Moti Tentzer – Board Member