Curriculum Overview

Sinai College offers a rigorous, inquiry-based curriculum to engage learners of all abilities through authentic and stimulating educational experiences. Problem solving and critical thinking skills are embedded through our differentiated curriculum to engage and empower learners. Literacy and numeracy skills are also explicitly taught.

Students are encouraged to embrace challenges and expand their knowledge of the key curriculum areas. As 21st century learners all students are able to support their learning through access to different technological options. Our Early Years Program students experience a play-based pedagogy which encourages creativity and social emotional resilience. For the older years students learning experiences are focused on development of deep knowledge and intellectual engagement.

At Sinai every student has a personalised learning plan to provide individualised curriculum opportunities and guide pedagogical practices of our teachers. Our outstanding teacher/student ratios allow our educators to provide programs tailor made to assist our students reach their full potential. Summative and formative assessment is provided to guide instruction and planning for each student in alignment with the Australian Curriculum.