Jewish Studies

Our Jewish Studies program embraces our Jewish heritage through formal teaching sessions and celebration of special days within the Jewish calendar.  The curriculum includes the teaching of the Torah (Bible), Chagim (Jewish Festivals), Halacha (Laws) and Ethics.  These subjects cover the history of the Jewish people, the Jewish way of life and the meaning behind the practices of Judaism and prayer. The richness and diversity of Judaism is celebrated with further studies of Israel and the contemporary role of the country, as well as its close links with Australia.

Throughout the year the school follows the Jewish calendar through special celebrations and events, bringing the whole school alive.  These events include Purim and Chanukah, Rosh Hannah and Yom Kippur, the Three Pilgrimage Festivals Sukkot, Pesach and Shavuot celebrations, Model Seder for Pesach (Passover), Holocaust Memorial Day, building a Succah for the festival of Succoth, Lag B’Omer and Chanukah.

How do we teach within a framework of Jewish Wisdom and Ethics?

A central aim of Sinai College is for all Jewish pupils to develop a sense of pride and honor in their Jewish identity and a love of their traditions and culture; to develop a sense of pride in Israel and a desire to live according to the ethics of Judaism.

The pupils are offered a program aimed at providing a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Jewish religion, its customs and traditions. The pupils study the meaning and significance of various prayers. The Jewish festivals, the symbols and rituals accompanying each festival, and the symbols and rituals of day to day Jewish life are studied and practiced. Jewish Studies encompasses Jewish history, the achievements and contributions of Jews through the ages and the links of this history with modern Jewish life. This involves a study of the history of Israel and of modern Israel. Through the Jewish studies program, pupils are provided with knowledge of Modern Hebrew. They are taught Hebrew as a spoken language, and to read and write Hebrew. Additionally, they use a computerized vocabulary program developed specifically for the school.

The Jewish Studies curriculum is supplemented by an array of extracurricular activities, such as guest speakers, seminars, school camps, holiday celebrations and Shabbatonim, which enrich the Jewish atmosphere at Sinai College. It is also bolstered by the daily participation in the morning Davening, which allows our students to become familiar with Jewish liturgy and the value of prayer.