School Policies & Annual Report

The purpose of this policy is to provide written processes about:

  1. how the school will respond to harm, or allegations of harm, to students under 18 years; and
  2. the appropriate conduct of the school’s staff and students
  3. to comply with accreditation requirements.

Our policies and procedures are designed to embed a culture of child safety in all school environments.

The safety and welfare of children is of paramount concern to Sinai College and Sinai Montessori (referred to in this policy as “the College”). The Child Protection Policy aims to provide policy guidance to assist College staff, volunteers and students to implement practices that minimise the risk of harm to children and promotes their participation and wellbeing.

Communication and contact with students in a relevant and appropriate manner is expected. It must be done in a manner whereby students are never put in a position where staff intentions may be misconstrued or where they can be vulnerable to accusations.

The College enforces zero tolerance to child abuse.

Regular briefings are provided to staff, and education provided to students and parents in order for them to understand, identify, discuss and report child safety matters.

The College Principal is responsible for monitoring overall school compliance with all aspects of this policy on behalf of the College’s governing body – the Board. In the Principal’s absence, the Board Chair will take over responsibility.

The College’s Board annually reviews and ratifies policies on child protection and other policies, and receives reports each term on campus security, OH&S, and risk management issues and procedures.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that student, parent and employee complaints and disputes are dealt with in a responsive, efficient, effective and fair way.

Sinai College is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act. This statement outlines the privacy policy of the school and describes how the school uses and manages personal information provided to or collected by it.

This policy exists to encourage the reporting of corrupt, illegal or other undesirable conduct at Sinai College. It outlines how individuals can appropriately make disclosures about these matters, and how Sinai College will protect those individuals from detrimental consequences.