Our Teachers

Esther Leah Culhane
Esther Leah is our dedicated Jewish studies instructor focusing on Jewish culture and traditions.
Gila Cohen
A social worker, pastoral caregiver and a Jewish educator. Gila has been involved in counselling and support for people of all ages and has been a leader in both formal and informal educational programs in Israel and around the world.
Shon Tamar
Shon is a proud member of the Sinai College community. As a native Hebrew speaker he applies his skills and knowledge to teaching Hebrew as a language other than English to our senior students.
Mandy Randell
Year 5 and 6 Teacher
Mandy is committed to ensuring that her students become lifelong learners through hands-on activities and classroom discussions which is done in a nurturing and positive environment. It is important that all learners become confident and resilient members of society.
Melissa Woodward
Year 2 & 3 Teacher
Melissa feels that teaching is privilege, and that school should be fun and engaging for all students.
Louise Canning
Prep/Year 1 Teacher
She is a passionate, enthusiastic educator with a strong belief in setting high expectations, inspiring a love of learning, and creating a warm and engaging learning environment in which teaching is differentiated to best suit the needs of individual
Rabbi Levi Jaffe
Rabbi / Chaplain
Rabbi Jaffe, who was born in Manchester, UK, has since High school been involved extensively in a wide variety of Jewish community educational outreach and social activities.