Mandy Randell
Year 4,5 and 6 Teacher (Currently on Maternity Leave)
Mandy is committed to ensuring that her students become lifelong learners through hands-on activities and classroom discussions which is done in a nurturing and positive environment. It is important that all learners become confident and resilient members of society.
Melissa Canning
Year 2 & 3 Teacher
Melissa feels that teaching is privilege, and that school should be fun and engaging for all students.
Louise Canning
Prep/Year 1 Teacher
She is a passionate, enthusiastic educator with a strong belief in setting high expectations, inspiring a love of learning, and creating a warm and engaging learning environment in which teaching is differentiated to best suit the needs of individual
Rabbi Levi Jaffe
Rabbi / Chaplain
Rabbi Jaffe, who was born in Manchester, UK, has since High school been involved extensively in a wide variety of Jewish community educational outreach and social activities.
William Hunter
Year 4, 5, and 6 Teacher
William believes that children should enjoy their time at school, and so he finds ways to make their days memorable. He also believes that effective teaching enables children to aquire knowledge, knowledge of the English language (word meanings, sentence grammar,