Louise Canning


Louise Canning is the Prep/Year 1/Year 2 teacher at Sinai College. She is a passionate, enthusiastic educator with a strong belief in setting high expectations, inspiring a love of learning, and creating a warm and engaging learning environment in which teaching is differentiated to best suit the needs of individual learners.

Louise believes that all children are unique individuals with different strengths and feels that it is her responsibility to identify them and develop them further in the student.  She strongly believes that if each student is taught in a manner that suits their learning needs, it is possible for all students to thrive.

She sees her role as a teacher as someone who guides students along on their learning journey, by providing them with access to information and knowledge to encourage and develop a life-long interest in learning.

Louise started her teaching career in 1979 at Northcliff Primary in Johannesburg South Africa, teaching Year 3 students. She and her family then moved to a farm on the outskirts of Rustenburg where she taught various age groups for 21 years at Fields College. In 2008 she relocated to New Zealand where she taught New Entrant /Year 1 at the Jewish Day School in Auckland until the end of 2018

Louise completed her Teaching qualifications at the University of Johannesburg, (previously known as Johannesburg College of Education) and the University of South Africa, (previously known as College of Education for Further training). Her hobbies outside of school include spending time with her family, exploring new beaches, walking, swimming, reading, pottery and calligraphy.