Principal’s Welcome

As the Principal of Sinai College, it is my honour to warmly welcome you.

Here at Sinai we value inclusive, life-long learning, creativity, community service and self confidence, which we instil through active role modelling and through a firm Jewish ethos underpinning all that we do. The staff at Sinai create a loving, nurturing and supportive environment where students can  feel both free and supported to develop spiritually and academically.

Sinai College is proud of its small school status, whilst boasting state of the art facilities, including tennis courts and full size swimming pool. We believe students learn best when they can receive individual attention, and where their specific learning needs can be met.

As the Principal of the Sinai College, I know that excellence is not simply achieved in the classroom; rather our students strive for excellence culturally, spiritually, through service to their community as well as in their scholastic pursuits. We aim to produce global citizens, who can be responsive to their changing world because of the firm foundations we have embedded.

Students at Sinai College receive modern instruction utilising the ACARA Australian Curriculum
across all subject areas. This is complimented with traditional religious studies and embedded

I myself have a long history working with young people and in leading Independent schools. I started my career teaching Math and Biology, before moving into student wellbeing and then into school leadership, where I have led small and large schools, including faith-based and multi-cultural schools.

I am humbled to be working with the dedicated educators and committed students of Sinai College, a school that embraces diversity, recognizes individual achievement, values lasting relationships and embeds holistic values in each and every student. We look forward to welcoming you onto our campus soon.

Kind Regards,

Christine Harman